Catering Appliances

Cooking Appliances

It’s important to equip your commercial/industrial kitchen with the most efficient and reliable catering appliances provided by Fenlab Nigeria. Not only do they need to work day in and day out, they also need to be able to withstand all of the pressures and scrapes that come with day to day tasks in the commercial/industrial kitchen. Fenlab Nigeria’s catering product solutions is designed to do just that. Using top quality kitchen appliances makes cooking a pleasure. We stock both large and small kitchen appliances all designed to cope with the busy demands of a commercial kitchen. Find our range of catering appliances which are listed below:

  • gas hobs, grills, barbecues, blenders, food preparing machines, beverage machines, cooking equipment, combination ovens, gas and electric range cookers, combination ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens, fryers, griddles, induction hobs, toasters, boiling tops, cook and hold ovens, dishwashers and glass washers, spares and accessories, egg boiler, steamers, electric burner, ice cream display, dough moulder, gas fryer

Food Counters & Display

Our comprehensive range of food counters and food display machines offer some of the key essentials to your catering display needs. When it comes to the hospitality and catering industry, displaying, serving and keeping food fresh and warm is quite as important. Fenlab Nigeria supplies high quality food counters and food service equipment to Nigerian businesses, restaurants and canteens which will help keep their  food at the desired temperature. We source top quality brands and provide excellent value for money to meet your catering display needs. Find below our product ranges:

  • hotcupboards, rice cooker, food display and gantry, hot sauce dispensers, hotplates, plate warmers, bain maries, soup kettles, holding cabinets, refridgerated salad wells, heated display bases, food merchandisers, strip heater, heated wells, cash registers

Food Preparation Machines and Equipment

We know that kitchens can be hectic environments to work in, Fenlab Nigeria handpicks a selection of high quality food preparation equipment to help your chefs maintain quality when time is limited. We supply food preparation products to any commercial catering business or organisation in Nigeria and even provide easy to use vacuum packing machines to help preserve the quality of cooked and raw food with no loss of quality. Fenlab Nigeria food preparation equipment products have been designed to allow those working in the catering and hospitality industry to process food in a quick and efficient manner. Our clients ranges from Nigerian restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, canteens and much more. Find below our must have range of food preparation equipment and machines:

  • food processors and veg preparation machines, mixers, slicer and graters, juice extractors, ice cream machines, mincers, potato chippers and peelers, pasta makers, spice grinders, vacuum pack machines, dehydrators, stick blenders, food mixers, insect control units and fly screens

Beverage Machines

Fenlab Nigeria’s beverage equipment products are designed to offer a variety of services in an economical yet sophisticated fashion, our extensive range of beverage machines feature products that the majority of the Nigerian catering industry simply cannot do without. Whether your offices need quality affordable coffee machine, or your restaurant requires a large capacity catering kettle, juicer, or cup dispenser, we have all the beverage machine to suit your commercial catering needs. We are Nigeria’s leading suppliers of catering appliances with the catering products we supply made to a robust standard, and are made for any commercial environment. Find below our range of small and large beverage equipment appliances:

  • blenders, coffee and espresso machines, juicers, water boilers, water dispensers, catering kettles, ice crushers, drinks mixer and dispensers, smoothie blenders, cup dispensers

Industrial DishWashers

Procuring an industrial/commercial dishwasher is a smart and big investment, that’s why it is important to get it right the first time. An industrial/commercial dishwasher is designed to be easy to use, quick, reliable, economic and provide consistent excellent washing results of your
crockeries, cutleries and glasses.

Keeping your crockery, cutlery and glasses spotless is important to all catering businesses, from small relaxed restaurants, canteens to hectic and high output restaurants. At Fenlab Nigeria, we provide a range of industrial and commercial dishwasher, glasswashers and washer accessories which are built to the highest standards and quite ideal for the quick, energy efficient and thorough washing of your tableware. At Fenlab Nigeria, you are not only guaranteed to receive the highest in quality, but a vast selection of dishwashers to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect dishwasher or glasswasher to suit your catering businesses whether you are in the hospitality industry, food manufacturing industry or have a kitchen onsite in your company. You will find a range to choose from including front loading industrial dishwashers, flight type dishwashers, rack conveyer dishwashers, passthrough dishwashers, pan and utensil dishwashers, pot scrubbers and glass washers.