QHSSE – Quality Health Safety Security and Environmental Policies

At Fenlab Nig Ltd, we do not compromise on our Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) policies; protecting our employees and any partner working with us or affected by our operations is of principal importance. We always aim to achieve excellence in QHSSE management every day through leadership and staff commitment by keeping to our principles always. Our main priority at the end of the day is making sure all our staff, our clients and our community is safe from any mishap. Hence, Fenlab Nigeria Ltd services in Nigeria is committed to implementing dynamic and robust HSSE programs. We also ensure to cultivate an organisational culture committed to superior HSSE performance.

At core, we continuously strive for the highest standard in everything we do and in every way we conduct our business. Through our Quality Management System we continually seek opportunities to identify and implement improvement opportunities.