Immunisation Solution

Logistics support to immunisation services is critical to ensure the availability of appropriate instruments, equipment and an adequate supply of high quality vaccines and immunization-related materials to all levels of the immunisation services programme. Ensuring vaccines reach every child in Nigeria, wherever they live, is a complex process. Not only do the vaccines have to get there in time to be distributed to the villages, towns and cities where they are needed, all vaccines must be kept stored continuously at the appropriate temperature from the point when they were manufactured right up to the point when needed to be used.

It is a general fact that all vaccines are sensitive to heat and light and some are sensitive to freezing. Animal or human vaccines must have 2 attributes, one is safety and the other is potency. Vaccines loose their potency if they are not stored or transported at an appropriate temperature and condition. That is why organisations and institutions choose Fenlab Nigeria’s immunisation support services and expertise in cold chain solution whereby we store and transport both human and animal vaccines at the recommended temperature range from the point of manufacture to the point of use.

At Fenlab Nigeria, we provide the appropriate Immunisation support services to ensure that essential medicines and vaccines are kept well stored, cooled, without the need for conventional electricity; we provide cold chain storage equipment used for keeping and distributing the vaccines in potent conditions to anywhere in Nigeria. Fenlab Nigeria is also a major supplier of solar medical refrigerators being used in numerous effective nationwide immunisation programs all around Nigeria. Our solar medical refrigerator systems offer safe blood or vaccine storage in the cold chain and are vital for use in areas with no electricity supply ensuring the safety in keeping your vaccines safe. Our solar medical refrigerator systems provides secure constant power which includes several days of back up power.

Our major success of over 30 years experience, development and cost effective solutions has given us the opportunity to work with our amazing clients which includes UNICEF (cold chain), National Primary Health Care Development Agency (Vaccine Cold Chain), European Union (Vaccine Cold Chain), State Primary Health Care Development Agency and much more.

If you need more information about our Immunisation Support Services, you can contact us, email or telephone +(234) 9 314 2280 to speak to one of our customer services assistants.