Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

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Fenlab Nigeria supplies a wide range of award-winning advanced pre-cooling and cooling systems for longer shelf life for the Nigerian commercial and industrial food industry. We source, supply and install all sizes and types of refrigerated cold storage, coolers and freezers. Whether you are looking for a 5’x6′ walk-in cooler to a 60000 square foot refrigerated distribution facility, we supply all along with the complete mechanical refrigeration system. Fenlab Nigeria is nationally known for its quality installations by offering very competitive pricing and the expertise and equipment to meet your commercial/industrial needs anywhere in Nigeria.

Fenlab Nigeria’s Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Solutions is vast, incorporating air and water cooled chillers from 0.3kw to multi-megawatt chiller packages, air handlers and fan coils, dry air coolers, cooling towers, thermo-regulators, portable cold storage, power generators, portable air conditioners and heaters, hot water boilers and associated ancillary products. Where space on-site is restricted, we use our expertise in installing low profile cooling equipment that are supplied to allow installations anywhere suitable and convenient.

Our team combines many years’ experience in the cold storage sectors. We pride ourselves on combining expert knowledge with practical understanding of our customers’ needs. Working closely with marketing leading manufacturers reinforces our commitment to providing the very best solutions for your equipment and installation.

The markets we serve all over Nigeria includes:

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • HVAC and Comfort cooling (mostly at Airports, Hospitals and Schools)
  • Food and Drink companies
  • Telecoms
  • Trade Refrigeration

Find our industrial cold storage equipments below:

  • Cold Storage Facilities, Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Non Ferrous Chillers, Roof Top and Air Handling Units, Walk in Coolers, Walk in Freezers, Refrigeration, Design/Build, Mechanical Equipment, Chiller Heat pumps, Fan Coils and Close Control, Air Blast Coolers, Cooling Towers, Low Temperature Cooling, Portable Fans, Cold Store, Air Movers, Industrial Dehumidifiers, Pipework Connections, Temperature Control Ancillaries, Food freezer storage, refrigeration chambers, ice plants cold storage equipment, cold storage, cold storage coolers,